Background and experience

I have over 15 years experience in various roles and always took on additional responsibilities. I have a proven record of the ability to deliver volume of work within a high pressured environment maintaining the highest Quality. I am self-motivated have the ability to prioritize, execute and track multiple tasks and responsibilities to ensure various deadlines are met


I have strong experience in the following:


  • All administrative functions

  • Transcription

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Contract drafting and negotiations

  • Labour relations matters

  • Guidelines for Good Business practices

  • Facilities

  • Corporate Governance and

  • Finance


I have excellent interpersonal skills; I am loyal, hardworking, self-motivated, energetic, ambitious and a lively team player able to adapt to various situations. I enjoy taking on various duties and projects, maintaining a high standard at all times and I work very well under pressure. I am a very passionate professional, with strong project management and reporting experience and skills.


I am creative and Innovative. I am precise, meticulous and have excellent organization skills. I am a very passionate professional with strong management skills obtained with experience.


If you have any questions a please do not hesitate to contact me.

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